IEA EBC - Annex 92 - Smart Materials for Energy-Efficient Heating, Cooling and IAQ Control in Residential Buildings

This annex project will develop energy-efficient heating, cooling and air purification strategies by using novel smart materials, especially advanced sorbents, such as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and their related composites, through cross-disciplinary international collaboration. The project will gather the existing scientific knowledge and data on novel sorbent materials for cooling/dehumidification, pollutant removal, heating and energy storage; study current and innovative use of these materials in air-conditioning, air purification, and thermal storage systems. It will also identify and bridge the knowledge gaps by establishing links between different disciplines. In the project, experts from building science, materials chemistry, mechanical engineering, material sciences, and environmental health will work together with other stakeholders to accelerate the development of better and more energy-efficient heating, cooling, and IAQ control systems by using advanced materials.


Annex Info & Contact

Status: Ongoing (2024 - 2028)

Operating Agents

Prof. Menghao Qin
Technical University of Denmark

Prof. Jianshun Zhang
Syracuse University

Annex Events